Dodo Socks is a Ukrainian brand specializing in socks and underwear. Prior to 2022 our products were manufactured in Rubizhne, Luhansk region. During the full-scale invasion the production facility was destroyed by russian missiles. Now Dodo Socks are manufactured in Lviv.

Dodo Socks aims to popularize Ukrainian culture worldwide and is committed to contributing to the well-being of local communities. In 2022 Dodo Socks raised a total of $300 000 USD to support the Ukrainian military. All funds have been transferred to “Come Back Alive” Foundation and Medical battalion “Hospitallers”.

Core values of our brand are the foundation of what we do and how we do it. They include national identity, local production and social responsibility.



At Dodo Socks we admire the diversity of our country and strive to popularize its culture worldwide. Our products are inspired by events, places and people that together create Ukrainian identity and national consciousness.

Our designs pay homage to historical figures whose work contributed to shaping Ukrainian heritage. These include a collection of socks dedicated to the works of Ivan Pului, Maria Prymachenko, Sonia Delaunay, Ivan Levynskyi; quotes by Lesya Ukrainka, Hryhorii Skovoroda, and Mykhailo Semenko.

Among our bestsellers are designs inspired by Ukrainian landscapes — from picturesque ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathians to spacious shores of the Kherson region and cozy villages of the Poltava region. These locations are depicted in Dodo Socks collections “Polonyna“, “Hutsulia“, “Khersonshchyna“, “Khutir“, and others.
In order to popularize modern Ukrainian culture, we often cooperate with various illustrators, artists and local projects. Since the beginning of russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we have teamed up with a dozen of illustrators from different parts of Ukraine to create a collection of puzzles, the funds from which we donate to the medical battalion “Hospitaliers”.

At Dodo Socks we are not afraid to take a stand on social issues, and we believe in our responsibility to take an active part in building a democratic, educated, cultural state that is a full-fledged member of the civilized world. Dodo Socks is open to cooperation proposals that will continue the tradition of popularizing Ukrainian identity and contributing to the well-being of our local communities.



All Dodo Socks products are produced in Ukraine. We are very careful about selecting our partners, analyzing their production capabilities, quality control process, working conditions and company values.

Prior to 2022 our socks were manufactured in Rubizhne, Luhansk region. During the full-scale invasion the production facility was occupied and later destroyed by russian missiles. Now Dodo Socks are manufactured in a new facility in Lviv employing temporary displaced people from Rubizhne.

With the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we set a goal to expand the Dodo Socks product line and attract more domestic manufacturers. In 2022, we launched new product categories such as swimwear, board games, winter hats and home slippers, silk scarves. 

In times of war, energy crisis and economic instability, cooperation with small local producers has gained special significance. The release of new products is perceived as a small victory in the scale of a big struggle. We admire businesses that continue to work despite the war.



Charity is one of the inseparable components of Dodo Socks. From the first day of the brand’s creation, we aimed to support local initiatives and organizations that highlight the core principles and values ​​of Dodo Socks.

In 2022, we identified assistance to the Armed Forces as our main priority. During the year, we raised $300 000 USD to support UAF. All funds have been transferred to «Come Back Alive» Foundation and other organizations, including:

  • $15 800 — to the volunteer medical battalion «Hospitallers»
  • $5 600 — to the LNJ Fund
  • $14 700 — 112th Territorial Defense of Kyiv
  • $700 — for the restoration of The National Literary and Memorial Museum of Hryhorii Skovoroda
  • $550 — to the humanitarian movement «UAnimals»
  • $6 800 — for local initiatives

Before the full-scale invasion of 2022, Dodo Socks supported other humanitarian initiatives:

  • $10 400 — to the charity fund «Wings of Hope» for the purchase of oxygen concentrators, protective masks and suits for doctors who work with patients suffering from the disease of COVID-19
  • $1 200 — to the «Veterinary and Sterilization Center for Homeless Animals» for the creation of the first blood bank for animals in Western Ukraine
  • $1000 — to the «Starenki» foundation, which is engaged in the formation of food kits for single grandparents
  • $700 — to the charitable foundation “Tabletochki”»
  • $500 — to the «Crimean House» organization to help children of Crimean political prisoners
  • $400 — to the bear sanctuary «Domazhyr» to create dens in new forest enclosures for sheltering bears.

Also, Dodo Socks has repeatedly supported greening initiatives in the city of Lviv. In addition to financial donations, we are pleased to participate in the process of planting trees. Among such events are the arrangement of flower beds and planting of perennial shrubs in Stryi Park in Lviv, and fundraising for the restoration of the dahlia garden.