Sticker Map Ukraine
140 pieces

A tube box with a map of Ukraine and 140 illustration stickers. Each one depicts a unique feature of one of the regions – nature, culture or life. Find the right place on the map and stick them all!
100 ₴ from each sticker map will go to the “Come Back Alive” Foundation, a charitable organization committed to providing competent assistance to the military.

Designed from an illustration by
Size: 84×59 cm.


Transparency leads to trust

This product is part of our fundraising collection in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We believe transparency is key when it comes to charitable finances. This is why we uncover all costs related to this product.

Materials and Labor

7.75 USD

Charity Contribution



6.18 USD


4.08 USD


24 USD


About us

Dodo Socks is a Ukrainian brand specializing in socks and underwear. Prior to 2022 our products were manufactured in Rubizhne, Luhansk region. During the full-scale invasion the production facility was destroyed by russian missiles. Now Dodo Socks are manufactured in Lviv. Dodo Socks aims to popularize Ukrainian culture worldwide and is committed to contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Dodo Socks raised a total of $520 000 USD to support the Ukrainian military. All funds have been transferred to “Come Back Alive” Foundation and Medical battalion “Hospitallers”.

Materials and care

Matte finish that makes it easy to stick and re-stick stickers.